Bullying is a crime. For me, bullying only happens when a child fears and refuses to defend himself. Never take any chances. Never allow yourself, or anyone for that matter to happen. Prevent bullying before it happens to you. This should not be allowed and accepted. In order for us to be protected from bullying, each individual should be aggressive in fighting against this crime. Here are six possible solutions to bullying that could help and protect you, your family, and friends.:

  1. The best solution to bullying, first and foremost, is prevention. Before bullying happens, this must be prevented through awareness and action. The best teachers are our parents. They are the first teachers to mold us as the person we ought to be. Parents should show their love and concern for their children so that the latter will not grow up to be insecure and arrogant. Insecurity and arrogance could turn a person into a bully. A child growing up in a perfect environment full of love and respect understands the nature of bullying and knows how to avoid it from happening to him/her and his family and friends.
  2. Always display confidence and kindness. This way, bullies are not given the chance to pick on you. Normally, bullies pick on individuals whom they think are vulnerable and weak. They are cowards who only bully smaller and weaker individuals. Let them know and feel that you will never be affected by them and you are not afraid of anybody. Stand for your rights but never fight back to avoid provocation and tension. Never take the law into your own hands. It would be better to avoid the places where the bullies often hang out.
  3. Report this to somebody whom you think can protect you and defend you from harassment. Make a record of the incident. Always record the time, day, the witnesses and the place. This could help a lot in investigations. Always inform a person close to you, or anybody in authority about it for record purposes. Get some pieces of evidence. Make some noise. Do not keep it to yourself.
  4. Talk to your parents, or to the parent of the parents. They should be the first persons to know about your problem. Seek advice from them. Parents have the right to scold their child for bullying and they also hold responsibility for whatever happens to their child and his/her victim.
  5. Always be mindful of others. Check for signs and symptoms of bullying around you. Lend a helping hand and show your concern for others. Show the bullied kids that they have a friend in you.
  6. Never tolerate bullies even if he is your sibling, your teacher, or anybody you know. Bullies become more aggressive when they think that they have all the privilege to do so. Always remind them that bullying does not do anyone good. 

Let it be a constant reminder that bullying brings a negative impact to a man’s life and there is no room for harassment. Bullying can be prevented when each one of us is wary and conscious of our surroundings. As concerned individuals, we can prevent bullying by showing that we care, and we are there to protect and defend our family and friends.