Talking about bullying, I can say that bullies are also victims of circumstances. It is not only the bullied party/individual who suffers from this situation but also the bully himself. Nobody wants to be a bully. Bullies are arrogant, unhappy individuals. This type of individual is a problem for the community. But why are there bullies, and why are there so many bullied people who do not fight back nor talk about it?

For me, humans are not born bullies. Humans have a nice heart to feel and a good mind to know and identify what is right from wrong. When someone bullies someone, there must be a big reason for doing that. Bullies have their stories to tell too. This is the reason why each individual should be evaluated accordingly.

Here are some reasons why people bully other people:

  1. Insecurity. These bullies are insecure about other’s beauty or popularity. They do not want to be outshone by others because they hate to be called losers and ugly. Insecure people love to be the envy of everybody and want to be praised all the time. They want others to follow what their minds dictate.
  2. Problems at home. Individuals who have a problematic environment especially at home pour their emotions and tend to vent it out somewhere and on someone who cannot fight back. Some people just cannot show and share their frustrations with their family members. Hence, they replay their home situation somewhere else, normally in school where there are vulnerable people. 
  3. Psychological disorder. No sane mind can do bullying unless there is something wrong with a person’s personality. Personality disorder/attitude problem always pay a role in bullying.
  4. They are victims of bullying themselves. Bullies often have bad experiences in the past and want to tell everyone that they are okay. For them, it is best to get even with individuals who they think are weaker than they are.
  5. Lack of affection and incorrect upbringing by parents.
  6. Too much hatred in their hearts. Bullies are defending themselves from being hurt any again. This is their kind of defense mechanism. They want to protect themselves from something they hate or are afraid of.
  7. Ego-tripping. Bullies want to feel that they are powerful and above others. They want to prove to themselves that despite their incapacities and weaknesses, other people still look up to them.
  8. Peer pressure. They think that being one of the dominant and strong guys is cool. They want to be a part of the “Superiors”, as they say. Bullies thought that being with bully friends is their meal ticket to stardom and it is also their shield from being bullied by others.

In my opinion, bullies are not born different. They are just one of us, normal people who usually have a dark past and bad experiences. Good upbringing by parents is important to avoid their children from arrogance and bullying. Nurtured children grow to be respectful, decent, and responsible individuals. Their future lies in the good hands of parents.

Conclusively, parents reap what they sow. To avoid children from being bullied or turning into bullies, parents must guide and guard their children so that they will grow up as happy individuals living in a safe and harmonious environment.