Bullying has been happening for centuries but it is only recently that bullying is brought to new light as incidents triple in number and the victims getting younger and younger. Bullying is getting serious especially through the internet. With the help of concerned citizens of different organizations and social media, bullying programs have been implemented and cases are controlled and monitored. However, it still needs extra effort and awareness to eradicate this form of harassment due to some factors that cannot be avoided.

Bullying is almost everywhere. At work, in public places, and especially in schools where mostly young children are involved. There is cyberbullying, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, threats, etc. All of these forms of bullying bring an impact to one’s life.

Here are some ways anyone can do or help in preventing bullying:

  1. Education should start with family members. Be aware of your children’s activities outside home. Parents should know who their children’s friends are. Always talk to the children and notice for some changes in their moods and schedule.

Children should be taught to love and respect others. Train them to be gentle yet firm with their actions and decisions. Parents should be the role model and the ones to give good advice on how to communicate with others and how to handle situations, especially during tough times. For parents, never hesitate to ask your children if they have problems relating to harassment. Be open and honest, as well as accommodating to their thoughts.

  • Be involved with any program against bullying. If no program has been implemented, make a request to the school officials and/or your community/workplace to implement a program against bullying. Invite your friends and neighbors to attend forums so that you have someone to share your sentiments with.  
  • Educate the kids that bullying can be prevented if they stay away from arguments and fights. This way, no provocation will be made. However, remind the kids that bullying only starts when they allow it to happen. Never fight back so as not to worsen the situation. Instead, report any incident to the school principal, to your teachers, to parents and if needed, report it to the police.
  • Advise children to be strong and independent. Bullies target victims who appear weak and vulnerable. Be brave enough to discourage bullies to intimidate you before the latter attacks any further. Children should be encouraged to make a lot of friends so that they have friends to protect each other, but make sure that they go along with the right set of friends.
  • Always record/cover the incidents of bullying even if your children are not involved. Any video is helpful for investigation. Teach your kids to be responsible through the internet. Any minors should be monitored with their activities through social media. Advise them not to provide any personal information that could be used against him/her.
  • If incidents are reported and individuals are known, try to request for open forum/discussion so that parents from both sides will be aware of what is going on and will help patch things up. Patching up doesn’t stop there. Make sure that there are therapies and sessions for both the bullies and victims to make sure that no further instances will happen again and that there are no traumas left.

Anyone can help against bullying only if we are given a little of ourselves. Every little help can make a big difference. It could save lives. It could save anybody including our children.