Because It’s Wrong:

Bullies vs. Nazis

Lydia Greico


What is a bully? Who gets bullied? What is a scapegoat? Why do people get bullied? How far back in history does bullying go? What were the worst cases of bullying in history? These are the questions Lydia Greico M.A. answers in “Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs. Nazis” (published by AuthorHouse), because she believes bullying seems to be a way of life these days.

The book was written as a teaching tool and talks about all the reasons for bullying, going into depth and showing incidents of bullying. It discusses who gets bullied, why people get bullied and the possible solutions to bullying.

“The concept of my book is that bullying is wrong. We were created in God’s own image and likeness. Shouldn’t we be treating each other a bit differently? Respecting one another and embracing our differences not forcing our beliefs on someone who doesn’t or wasn’t raised the way we were? Everyone is different and shouldn’t be damned for their differences.

I hope that someone will learn from this book and aid in my campaign against bullying. To all victims of bullying, stay the course, don’t give up. Educate yourself whether it be taking self-defense classes or going to someone you are close to and talk to them. Tell the teachers if you are being bullied. Tell your parents. Above all, know you are not alone and someone cares. “Don’t tap out.”


When will this end? When will people begin to say, “I’ve had enough and it has to stop”? How can we improve things in the United States with bullying on such a rampage? – Preface