Bullying has been around since time immemorial. It is nothing new to our ears. It has been happening around and currently, bullying cases have gotten worse, thanks to social media. It is also through social media that network citizens, or what we call netizens, are trying to control and campaign against this type of harassment. Hand in hand, authorities and the people involved should take extra effort in preventing people, especially young children, from being bullied and ending up bullies themselves because nowadays, incidents are going up to the brim. The effects of bullying cause traumatic experiences to a child and this could change his attitude toward others and toward lif­e in general. It can destroy one’s confidence and even lead to death. Parents play a big part in preventing bullying because they know better regarding their child’s attitude and activities. Above all, parents should be the first to notice it as well as the ones to prevent this act of harassment as early as possible.

Here are what parents advise to help kids from bullying and being bullied:

  1. Proper education. Educate your child that bullying is a crime. No child should be harassed by anybody and no child has the right to bully others. Children should learn how to deal with it in a positive way.
  2. Monitor your child’s activities. There should be a regulation in the child’s usage of the internet and phone because bullying nowadays takes place in social media because bullies can stay anonymous or are far from recognition and beyond reach. If the child is a minor, always set the internet under parental control, and ask for his or her password and look for messages that could be labeled as harassment.
  3. Always be visible and supportive of your kids. This way, the children have a protector and an adviser. Advise your kids to report or share his bullying problem to anyone in authority. Be open to your children. Always listen to the kids so that they feel comfortable telling their secrets and fears.
  4. Ask your child if she is bullied at school because parents are not around all the time. Be wary of her surroundings. Notice if the child is afraid of some things or someone.
  5. Look for signs. Check if the child has bruises or damaged property. These are strong shreds of evidence that your child is physically abused. Take a picture and bring your child to the doctor for examination and then to police for a blotter report.
  6. Make some noise. You can post this harassment on your social media wall so that your child’s friends or classmates would also know about this problem. The parent should also communicate with the child’s teachers so that the latter could help protect him.
  7. Always notice for aggressiveness in the child’s behavior. Some bullies are impatient and seem agitated. They seem to hate other people for no reason at all.
  8. If your kid is the bully, remind him that bullying is a crime and he could face jail should he continue to hurt others verbally, physically, or emotionally. Ask him why he is doing such an act, and how you could help him get back on track.
  9. Seek help from other people so they could track records for evidence. Two heads are better than one. It is best that the people close to your child e.g., teacher, friend, priest, doctor, neighbor know what your child is doing at school and what he is up to. Make some efforts to monitor the child every day.
  10. Get involved. Always be by your child’s side to protect him. Reach out to the other party’s parents and inform them of what is happening between the children. Patch things up with their help before matters get worse. Look for ways on how to settle things up and correct them.

Appropriate actions against bullying should not stop here. Even after investigation and disciplinary action, parents should tirelessly continue to monitor their children by counselling and mentoring. A parent’s love is never ending and does not stop in protecting his/her children especially against the silent killer called bullying. When a child is full of love, the latter will never resort to this criminal offense.